Meet the founders

Our story begins in a city called Tinseltownia. Two extremely talented creators, Chuck and Graham, walked into the office of the French Baron. “We’re at a loss, we’re putting out a lot of excellent content, but for some reason cannot reach beyond the fiery walls of the city.” Taking a leisurely drag on his cigarette, the Baron asks them if they’re ready to do what it takes to break into the land beyond the walls, this place called “The Metaverse”. Chuck and Graham only heard of it and had seen glimpses of it shimmering beyond the wall. They were told by the oracles and sages that not only can The Metaverse make their dreams come true, but they can also assist in bringing their followers out of the darkness and the routine of the ancient web engulfing Tinseltownia and take their experience to the third power.

After some intense negotiation, the French Baron agrees to show Chuck and Graham the way to the Metaverse, but he needs a party ready to go to war and that can strategize and navigate their way through the hurdles into this Metaverse. He calls upon the only woman who can find those who have successfully navigated their way across the wall of fire. This woman is the Warrior Queen Melissa. The French Baron pulled out every trick in his arsenal to court the Warrior Queen. Melissa reminded the Baron that she was the leader of men, not the other way around.  However, she saw wisdom in his request and proceeded to work her network to find the two warriors most adept to break on through to the other side.  As usual, she found the two best warriors suited for the job: Major Dapps has the vision and the know-how to craft new weapons and utilities to easily integrate Chuck and Graham’s followers and his longtime friend NFT Nick has been to the other side of the wall seven times before and can take Major Dapps creations and deploy them strategically to have the most impact and ease further adoption from those still stuck in the primitive web structures of Tinseltownia and beyond.

Together, this group makes up the Spinrack Six and will take anyone who will follow with them into the Metaverse and beyond.

Chuck Dixon

Inkpot award winner and Fictioneer

Comics are a second language to me. They’re in my DNA. It’s a medium that fascinates me because it’s the rawest form of visual storytelling going back millenia. Long story short? I’m a comics geek. Luckily for me and my family, I turned it into a career that led me to be the most prolific writer of American comics ever. It’s all been a comics nerd’s dream come true working on Batman, the Punisher, Conan the Barbarian, and hundreds of other iconic characters.

I’ve also created dozens of properties, characters, and worlds on my own and continue to do so to this day. SPINRACK is the logical, ultimate extension of my work in the comics medium as it brings my creations to life in a shared multiverse that the world can share.

graham nolan

inkpot award winner and chief storyteller

Storytelling is in my blood. I chose comics as my medium of story expression when I was 12 years old because of it’s personal and dynamic connectivity to the reader. Like jazz, it’s a uniquely American art form with limitless possibilities.
Since that fateful decision I have been blessed with a career that has allowed me to mold and shape the destinies of such iconic characters as Batman, Superman, Hawkman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern and dozens of others for the largest comic book publishers in the world.
As fun as it was to play in others “sandboxes”, my real passion is the creation of unique and original characters and universes. In 1998 I created COMPASS COMICS to do just that and SPINRACK is where they will be able to enter the metaverse and be shared with the world.
It’s going to be a hell of a ride. You should join us.

Jeff "Major Dapps" Pierce

Innovator, trendologist, High-resonating life force

I bring an extensive film Industry background to SPINRACK, Inc. I love to find a balance between creative and technical innovation endeavors. I’ve contributed to many high-profile film and television productions including Oscar-winning visual effects for ‘Independence Day’ and digital mastering for the Oscar-winning documentary ‘Mighty Times-The Children’s March’.

My pioneering development work has produced digital film mastering tools and various proprietary digital visual effects software solutions used to deliver groundbreaking visual effects and 3D films. My experience extends to developing digital media optimization and secure distribution technologies. I continue to write, produce, edit and do whatever else needs to be done, to bring great stories and entertainment to a worldwide audience. 

I can’t wait to bring all these years of being awesome to a new fanbase that can only be found in the wonderful world of the SPINRACK Metaverse!

Melissa "Warrior Queen" McGinnis

leader of men

Hello! I’m a member of the American Federation of Radio & Television Artists since 2006, & have worked for a number of years as both an actress & model. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, I had the pleasure to be employed as Director of the Kansas City commercial acting branch of AIGP, a national Talent Agency. It was there that I honed in and got my moniker of “Leader of Men”.  Being in charge of administration, talent acquisitions, organizing fundraisers AND teaching workshops in theatrical, commercial acting, and runway modeling teaches one a little thing about being organized and respected in that industry!

More recently, I worked in Kansas City and Los Angeles as a consultant to private companies and high net worth individuals in fundraising and marketing activities. This leader developed skills in corporate compliance, governance and financial reporting. I’m also highly skilled in investor relations, advertising and promotions, including sales and event management. 

I can’t wait to help this team be it’s best and nurture SPINRACK’s growth. Being a badass has its advantages and this by far is one of the best of them!

Jean-francois "french Baron" cavelier

International, Diplomatic, lafayette of hollywood

Originally from Paris, France, I have more than thirty years of experience in International and Domestic Film Sales, Distribution and Production as well as in the Marketing of both high profile and independent feature films. During my long career (this Baron feels old!) , I’ve worked with both Major and Mini Major studios as well as independent production companies, packaging and marketing feature films to the Domestic and International marketplace.

My vast expertise and experience in the International Sales and Distribution area includes the development of marketing materials, sales estimates for equity investors and entertainment banks, involvement in the selection of scripts and creative elements, advertising, and the distribution of feature films in both the domestic and international marketplace.

I’ve been active over the past ten years in the acquisition and production of media content in Mainland China and Latin America as well as in the distribution of Hollywood content to the global markets. My favorite thing as of late was to be a Producer for the biggest budget feature film ever produced in China, “The Bombing” a.k.a. “Air Strike”, a WW2 epic film, negotiating the hiring of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson respectively as Lead Actor and Co-Director. If you look through IMDB closely, you can see that I was the Co-Producer of “Wonders of the Sea”, a feature documentary narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau.

The French Baron is excited at the idea of helping bridge the gap between Web3 and Hollywood as we know it.  Vive LE SPINRACK!!!


Creator of Metaverses, facilitator of games, wrangler of technology

Comics, computers, video games, comedy, and action have been a part of my recommended daily diet ever since I was a kid growing up outside of Chicago.  The creativity and the storytelling that has flooded my mind since my youth has helped propel me into a 20+ year-long IT career.  This path allowed me the privilege to work for some of the top companies on the planet such as Amoco and Coca-Cola as well as a stint in the world of healthcare.  

The advent of Web3 really allowed me to take that same comic book fandom mentality and bring it to where the Web needed to be: Community Driven.  Having consulted on many crypto-based projects has shown me that Web3 is a force for good.  It was just recently that I was able to be onboarded onto a project called The Uplift where I built my first branch of the metaverse and saw just how positive and how incredible building a community is.  Building my first world that I created in my own insane yet fun image was pretty awesome (Nemesis will live forever in my heart)!  Watching the community have fun and enjoy the experience really made me happy and showed me that Web3 is where I need to be.

I invite all of you to join us all here at SPINRACK to hopefully capture that same feeling that you all have when you join the world of comics.  Bring your ideas and feelings forward and let’s make this Metaverse F*#&’n awesome!