Comics 3.0

Spinrack redesigns how
comics are owned & enjoyed

Legendary creators Chuck Dixon & Graham Nolan craft characters for the largest comic book publishers in the world. Now, these artists create for you. You will own Artist-Signed pieces …in every NEW sense of the term… as SPINRACK takes comics into Web3.

Use mobile and online gaming to further develop your ownership of your assets and experience comic collector nirvana. Double page spread level glee.

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SPINRACK offerings and listing newsletter will give you first access to all of our early limited releases. Early owners get first-look access to all of our games and drops. is a community-driven Web3 entertainment corporation with an all-star team from comics, motion picture, digital security, and streaming technologies.

Face it, comics are stuck in an antiquated medium. While it’s awesome to own the pulp version, even artist-signed, or original pages, there’s something to be said for bringing it into the digital age… right? SPINRACK is doing something about that in ways that you’ve never seen before thanks to Web3.  

Here are some highlights from our technology stack:

  • Utility-based ownership serves rewards
  • Your gaming and use of owned artwork advances the more you interact
  • Generative art pieces form to make collectible digital comics
  • Your digital assets give you access to the SPINRACK community & comic-based worlds
  • Mobile games will prepare you and generate bonuses for the online game coming in 2023
  • Online games will use your skills and intelligence to generate real-world rewards!
  • Create your synthespian and have the ability to jump between all the comic worlds
  • AI learning synthespian can transact, retain and share its skills
  • Your digital assets are protected with DDI technology which protects from theft & provides provable authenticity

We are connecting worldwide comic and gaming fans together with storytellers and artists whom we will bring on this journey of greatness!

  • Our mission is to help everyone make the transition towards the future, we’re stepping you all into it via 2D gaming and digital comic books.

  • Don’t know how to get a wallet and purchase a Digital Asset? Don’t worry, we will teach you and provide you with ways to easily access them!

  • Our security measures and image/data optimization secure your assets!!!

  • SPINRACK will be your new home for Virtual Comics and Virtual Comic Games. (Of course they’ll be starring your favorite characters)

  • You will be immersed in a community of your friends and fans who share your passion for comics, games and be able to generate real-world rewards!